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7 Things Every Introvert is Tired of Hearing

7. C’mon Man, It’ll be fun

The words which every extrovert wants to hear and every introvert is tired of hearing. The words which have gotten more people killed than alcohol. The eternal words from the book “Peer Pressure: How to get totally sane people to do utterly stupid things”.

intovert 14

Honestly, I think Peer Pressure has killed more people than the Bubonic Plague. Still, it is used as an excuse to force people into doing insane things all in the name of being more social. I can never understand how screaming on the top of your lungs and doing stupid things can give anyone fun. On top of that people can’t seem to comprehend how sitting silently, reading a good book, and listening to a peaceful song can give us introverts the same pleasure.

introvert 13

We’d rather spend a quiet evening at home drinking a good cup of coffee and watching a movie than go outside and roam around with no purpose. We don’t do it because we’re bored but because it’s fun. If you don’t like it, gouge your eyes out.

6. You Need to Make More Friends

intovert 11

No thanks, I’m good. I have a handful but faithful set of friends who understand what runs through my mind. I don’t want to make two thousand friends on Facebook to realise that when I need them no one will be available for me. The fad of having a lot more friends than you can ever meet, let alone enjoy a good meal with has eclipsed real friendship in our times.

intovert friends.png

The number of friends you have is not a bragging right. Friends are the ones who pick you up from the depths of your mind when even your family can’t. If you like to spend your time among people who just want to see you fall down and don’t care whether you live or die, be my guest. I don’t need that. I have friends, and I’m happy with them.

5. You should Get Out More, See More things, Do More

intovert 8.jpg

Unless I’m wrong -which is quite often but that’s not the point- I’m pretty sure one should go out and meet people when one feels like it. Unlike the beasts of energy full of random ideas of self-destruction, introverts are more in comfort with themselves. They are perfectly fine being by themselves and basking in the glory of their solitude. Of course, like any normal human being, we sometimes feel the need to interact with other people and enjoy that very much too.

intovert 6.jpg

We just don’t see the point of wasting our valuable time partying every moment of our life. Why we should get out more and how that will change who we are inherently, escapes my understanding. When you people are wasting time interacting and meeting people who you don’t even like and who don’t like you, we are creating characters and places that will inspire even more people. We are not saying that our way is better. It’s just a way. Acknowledging is the least society can do.

4. Drink Some Weed Man & Relax

introvert 10

I am relaxed you douchebag. Or rather I was relaxed until you came and began blabbering. Honestly, the most common form of peer pressure I have seen is the way extroverts push peaceful introverts into starting alcohol and weed. As if we didn’t have enough to think already.

intovert 5

I don’t understand the obsession of using a thing that damages your body permanently to get two or three fleeting minutes of a high which either makes you as silent as a corpse or an idiot who won’t shut up. People say weed and alcohol make you more relaxed and open. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but if you need pot to make you happy, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Alcohol and weed just amplify the emotions you already have. You don’t need -and I repeat don’t need- any external substance to make you happy. And if that is true, you are addicted, my friend. As simple as that.

3. Speak Your Heart Out

intovert 7

Well, we don’t. We write our heart out. Or paint or sing or act. Introverts are known artists. Extroverts are known for describing the happiness in their life and the problems they’re having to every person they meet. How that helps or whether it does in the first place is not my problem. What I’m saying is that our method is different. Our art -whatever kind it may be- personifies what problems we are having or what we think about in those sleepless nights.

introvert 12

An extrovert may argue that this method doesn’t put the actual problem out in the open, but that’s not our motive. We don’t want the entire world, and with it, the people who don’t care about us to see our insecurities because we can’t find the use of it all. Instead, we mould something out of our vulnerabilities and inspire people like us to conquer their sorrows. If that is not constructive, I don’t know what is.

2. Why are You Always Sad?

introverts sad

Just because I don’t run around laughing like a crazy person doesn’t mean I am wallowing in my sorrow. The people close to me know that I have a resting bitch face which means that if you notice me sitting alone in a room, you would probably end up thinking that I am a rude, self-centred, and perennially angry person. It’s not true for me -not all the time anyways- and certainly not true for other people.

introverts 22

I for one laugh and smile whenever an opportunity to do so presents itself. I don’t laugh without any reason because I’m not mad. Just like some people are born with a smiling face and don’t cry for any reason. It is not only a personality trait but also a matter of preference. Human psychology is different for everybody and hence, our choices are too. So thanks to psychology I don’t have to run around laughing like a baboon all the time.

1. You Should Smile More Often

introverts 26

Why? Why may I ask is smiling or laughing necessary to display you’re in a good mood. Unlike extroverts, introverts don’t like to be all bubbly and energetic all the time. My mother used to say you should always conserve your energy and use it in the best possible way. I guess it kind of stuck or I was like that from the begining. Don’t get me wrong. I laugh but only when there is something funny, or there is a reason to smile or laugh. Adding to that the fact that I have a resting bitch face only proves that I am made like that.

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