9 Signs You’re a Writer

9. Sticky Notes Galore

sticky notes writers

Your room, workplace, even your diary is full of stickups. Whether it be a list of novels you want to read but will never, quotes to get you motivated, possible story ideas or top-secret nuclear codes; they’ve got it all. So now your walls basically look like yellow coloured mummies glued to each other with difficulty.

8. Your Weekends are Spent Wrapped Up in Bed

antisocial 1

You’re an introvert at your core and rejoice to be by yourself. Instead of going out with friends and wasting time wandering the streets you prefer a good book, a fulfilling meal, and a lazy afternoon. Inspiration comes to you in the strangest of times, and you don’t want to be in the middle of a deafening concert when it does.

7. Can’t Sleep at Night

lonely sleeping

You can’t sleep until you have written every story idea and quotes you can think of. Also, your best ideas come to you at three o’ clock in the night or the Devil’s hour. Sometimes you have to wake up early in the morning to write a vivid and story-worthy dream. Unfortunately, all this means you can’t get any sleep.

6. You are a Character


Every new meeting is an opportunity to learn about a unique personality, and even if you push yourself not to do it, you end up using them as an inspiration for a character in one of your stories. Of course, neither your friends nor your enemies appreciate it; nobody wants to be objectified like that. Moral of the story is don’t use your friends as characters in your stories. Or rather don’t tell them you did. Peace out.

5. Stash of Unread Books Staring from the Corner

book stack

Because apocalypse or a vicious alien attack could happen at any time, and a stash of books are necessary for an ideal bunker. No, not for burning.

4. Solitude is Your Best Friend

one wolf pack

You love to stay alone. You favourite past time is basking in your own solitude and its unending glory. The feeling of being by yourself and the freedom to be your naturla self without pretending to be normal is what calms you. Plus you don’t have to talk with people, cos’ that’s irritating.

3. Weird is Normal for You

weird writers

I mean who talks about how you are going to slice your protagonist in the next chapter of your current project, and how it is similar to how Hemingway did it. Who cares man? Well, you do. But other than you nobody does. When you inevitably go into a word match describing which author is better according to you, your extrovert friends either consider disowning you or dump you in the club itself.

2. You Hate When things Don’t Go According to your Fictional Plan

plan 3

You have a pre-conceived plan for everything all the way from your breakfast to the kind of comforter you use. Basically, you are a top-notch control freak, and when things don’t go according to your plan, you get frustrated and borderline homicidal. Instead of actually talking with people or interacting with them, you think about all the possibilities your meetings and conversations could go. Also, the way it goes in your mind is way better than how it’ll happen in reality.

1. Sudden Burst of Inspiration

give it to me

Your true inspiration comes and goes. But when it comes, it is like a frenzy which can’t be stopped until the words in your mind are written down. And if you can’t find a notebook at that time, somebody is bound to be killed.

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