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Have you ever been Bullied?

I am not saying I don’t get angry ever or haven’t hit anybody in my life. However, it’s my principle that if a matter can be settled peacefully, then there is no use of arguing let alone fighting. Bullies, however, don’t understand the language of civil discourse. Infact try it yourself the next time you encounter a bully. With aplomb refute the physical dominion of the bully who’s trying to push your buttons and stand confidently in front of him. The person would either be baffled or start shouting to prove they are right. Unfortunately for them, shouting doesn’t make anyone right, and neither does the fighting.

bullies 5.jpg

That is why people resort to hitting I reckon. They can’t bear another second of explaining the non-existent logic in their viewpoint and being full with frustration they have to take their anger out somehow for the fear they may be consumed by it. They want to win the argument by hook or crook, and if logic doesn’t do their bidding, they don’t shy away from using violent means.

I usually don’t work in extremes, but in this scenario, I can say without any shame that I hate bullies. Bullies are people who can’t bear bowing down to someone else, whether physiologically or psychologically. They can’t accept the fact that somebody might be superior to them in some field or god forbid somebody might teach them something. The ultimate sign: they get angry if somebody doesn’t fear them or accept their supremacy.

Look at Donald Trump. The guy since childhood has had everything he wanted right in front of him. He was a multimillionaire and now is the president of the United States. He has been quite vocal about the environment saying global warming is just a myth inspite of a horde of proof against the claim. He shuts down anyone with a contradictory opinion fully knowing if he engages in a logical debate he’ll lose. And that is why as a true bully he strongarms anyone who opposes him. Honestly, only a guy like him can ask Mexico to pay for a wall to keep Mexicans out of the United States.

bully 4

You may ask how then he became the President. Well, I won’t get into US politics and the role of the kingmakers in his appointment, but I will say one thing. If you observe carefully, there is something very charismatic and attractive about a bully. They don’t fear anyone, they don’t back down, and they are very very outspoken.

These qualities have been marketed unabashedly by our global media and society as a whole as the ideal traits of an alpha male for centuries. Ask Albert Einstein, John Keats, and William Wordsworth what happens to introverts and their viewpoints however good or logical they are. Better yet look at Hitler; the greatest bully of them all. He single-handedly killed around six million Jews just because of his charismatic speaking. The charisma or say the seeming attractiveness is why bullies attract lackeys who are shortsighted and illogical just like them but don’t have the cohones to actually go through their threats physically. Infact I would say in a group of bullies only one guy is the hitman while others are the ones motivating him with their loyalty; the only thing keeping the bully’s self-worth alive.

The problem -for the group as well as the victim- starts when the bully can’t get his way. See, in society, you can’t hit someone and get away. And that leads to vocal outbursts and verbal diarrhea with people fighting over trivial matters right in the middle of the road. It is when the supposed kings of the world realize the world doesn’t actually love them and the fear evaporates, that they are at best a scarecrow with lackeys for straws. Their psyche crumbles, and they either bury themselves beneath the rubble of the anger or continue lashing out on every second person until they meet their better leading to a fatal fight.

bullies 6

WMDs or weapons of mass destruction only kill people. But bullies their will to live and the art buried within them waiting to be discovered. They make them realize they are unworthy which ends in the silent ones fighting their own selves. All this because the ‘human weapons’ can’t handle the complexity of their own minds. Bullies are far more dangerous than WMDs. Believe me, you might survive a hit from a bullet one time. But the constant barrage of negative emotions poured down your psyche by a person sick in mind can wear you down for good. Be aware, my introvert friends. Be aware.

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