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Kundalini Knowledge – Signs Of An Awakened Kundalini

Kundalini – such a common word yet so grossly misunderstood. Kundalini can prove to be a source of endless power and a reservoir of pure spiritual energy. Yet in this so-called era of knowledge, it has become nothing more than a punchline that is used to entice gullible customers into paying for pseudo-spirituality courses. Face it. In this day and age, real wisdom is not valued; only data is sought and dumbed-down details are preferred.

This three-article series on Kundalini is a humble attempt to make people aware about Kundalini, the actual Vedic concept behind it, its benefits, and most importantly the precautions that should be taken while trying to awaken your Kundalini. In the previous article we went over what Kundalini is and how it provides endless energy to its bearer. In this article, we will cover the telltale signs of an awakening or awakened Kundalini.

To get to know intimately about Kundalini, you can check out the first article of the series. In essence of brevity, I’d like to highlight that Kundalini is a natural reservoir of energy that resides within the human body. It can be awakened through physical as well as psychological processes and can be utilized for gaining success in various material goals as well as spiritual endeavors.

How To Awaken Your Kundalini?

With that basic definition let us understand how you can awaken your Kundalini. There are three ways of waking up your Kundalini. The first and the safest way of doing it is through meditation. Through meditation Kundalini rises from its position by the width of a hair every day. When it connects to the Sushumna Nadi that is situated above it, the Kundalini channel opens up and the fluid inside it is ready to move throughout the entire body. Though the way of meditation or Dhyan takes a long time, it is without any side effects.

On the other hand, there are many side effects of using the second method: Yoga. If Kundalini Yoga is done without proper guidance, it can end up harming the person instead of benefiting him. Yes, physical stimulation of Kundalini reservoir through yoga is a faster method of awakening your Kundalini, but it can have many side effects especially if not taught by a learned guru or teacher.

Third and the final method is through someone else’s spiritual energy or what we call the Diksha method. Diksha system has been a prevalent method of imparting education in the Sanatan Dharam tradition for thousands of years and as such is also applicable to Kundalini. A knowledgeable person or a guru can just touch his disciple’s Aagya Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra and use his own spiritual energy to awaken his Kundalini. This is an instantaneous process and hence should strictly be done by a guru well versed in the Vedic ways, and not someone who is only interested in his own profit or evil intentions.

Signs Of An Awakened Kundalini

So let us say you have used one of these three methods and are feeling some aftereffects. You can feel the surge of a new energy bubbling inside you that seems to be whispering subtle motivations in your ear every time you are down and out. But you are still not sure if it is indeed the flow of Kundalini or something else that is powering your fountain of youth. Following are some typical signs and symptoms that are seen in individuals whose Kundalini has recently awakened.

1. Headache

First telltale sign is a headache. I know headache is quite common and hence let me be precise. When the reservoir of Kundalini opens up, the liquid travels from the base of the spine up the energy chakras. After reaching the third eye chakra it falls down to the Anahata Chakra creating a soundless vibration. Now typically if Kundalini has not been awakened properly the Kundalini liquid sometimes gets stuck right behind the Aagya chakra. This is the reason that one gets a constant headache centered around the forehead if his Kundalini has awakened recently.

2. Heat

Another typical sign is feeling hot. The Kundalini liquid is warm, or in scientific terms highly exothermic because of the energy component inside it. Introduction of Kundalini into our system increases our Pitta and hence along with a high energy input we also experience a slight increase in our core body temperature especially if the Kundalini is not properly utilized by us. High Pitta is a typical side effect of Kundalini and can cause mouth sores, stomach ailments, and in extreme cases liver infection.

3. Pre-Cognition

Heightened sense of Intuition is also a typical sign of Kundalini energy surging across the body. This intuition can manifest itself as dreams in which you can see what is about to happen or daydreams where you feel that something good or bad is about to happen. You also become better in social interactions as you are able to identify the people’s inner desires and motivations behind their actions. This comes naturally and no effort goes behind these uncalled conclusions because Kundalini makes your mind highly aware of its surroundings.

4. Changing Sleep Cycle

Kundalini and the spiritual energy contained in it also manipulates the sleep cycle. So, it is natural to experience deep dreamless sleep on some days and crippling insomnia on other. Sometimes you feel so ecstatic that you can’t sit down for a second and on other days you’re so lethargic that you don’t want to get out of bed. These events however only occur in the beginning and as the body adjusts to the Kundalini flow, the feeling of sleeplessness or lethargy subsides.

5. A Feeling of Euphoria

Lastly due to the immense spiritual energy coursing through the body, you feel a general sense of euphoria. In the beginning you might feel intimidated by the sudden onset of energy but with time you learn to control it. In fact, with time, you can also call upon this energy on command and use it fully while performing a specific activity. Other times you can keep it on standby. This however requires a lot of practice.

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