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8 Things Only People With Depression Will Understand

Stress & Depression Are Different

Stress is short term and depression is long-term. When the trigger causing stress goes away, stress also naturally ebbs away. However, depression is not because of a particular reason or trigger. It’s the result of continuous and long-term mental fatigue. It takes time and effort to get rid of depression.

Waking Up in the Morning is Difficult

What seems natural and perfectly easy to neuro-typical individuals is a big task for depressed folks. When you’re surrounded by the dark whispers of depression, you can’t even get out of bed, let alone get on with the day. Depression sucks the happiness out of the patient’s life until he/she has no motivation to even fulfill the basic necessities of life.

Falling Asleep is Difficult

One of the classic symptoms of clinical depression is difficulty in falling asleep. Insomnia and disturbed sleeping cycle not only are effects but also cause depression. They add to the vicious cycle and keep the patient stuck in the disease’s claws.

You Can’t Just Wish it Away

Contrary to popular belief, depression is not a switch that you can just shut off. Just as you can’t cure fever or cold by taking your mind off of it, in the same way, it takes medicines as well as lifestyle changes to get rid of depression. Clinical depression is a physical disease, not a whimsy.

Rich People Can Also Get Depressed

Depression is not a poor man’s disease. It doesn’t discriminate based on your standard of living. Achieving material benefits like money, cars, and real estate doesn’t mean that someone can’t be depressed. This mental health disease comes from dissatisfaction with the current living conditions of the person, not from his/her bank balance.

We Are Always Trying to Prove Ourselves

Depression makes us believe that we are lesser than others and not as talented as we think ourselves to be. However, the truth is everyone in this world is unique and important for someone. But depression doesn’t let us believe that. That’s why us depressed folks are always trying to prove ourselves and when we can’t match up to our own high standards the depression responds with more disappointment and self-critique.

Sometimes We Don’t Want to Talk About It

It is good to talk to someone about depression and sometime we also want to bare our heart. But sometimes it is too unbearable for us to tell another soul of what is happening inside us especially because most of them just want to satisfy their curiosity. Sometimes we just want to be on our own and build the resilience towards this Trojan horse disease.

Depression is a Long-Term Disease

Unlike fever or cold or even jaundice, Clinical Depression takes some time to get cured. The reason is simple. Just as it takes months or sometimes years for simple stress to develop into full-fledged depression, in the same way it takes time to reverse those effects. If you are depressed don’t lose hope because there is light at the end of the tunnel. It takes time but it will get better. There are miles to walk before you sleep.

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