The Morning you weren’t there

Walking down the memory lane,
I recall the day we fought,
Never in my dreams I thought,
it will come to this bane.
All around me spread a Sylvan aura,
my feet swollen from a journey led in vain.

I lost my love, I lost my care,
The morning you weren’t there.

Trembled as I travelled to your final place,
finding it difficult to keep up the pace,
My dreams, my hopes, my fair share,
were taken aback by a moment of despair.
Under the sway of sorrow,
I took my steps with (great) pain.

The pyre was set, my heart bare,
my eyes scorched with infernal air,
The morning you weren’t there.

I smelled your body burning,
I saw the blood churning,
You didn’t seem ready to leave,
for even the flames refused to believe,
that your body was lifeless,
that you weren’t there anymore,
where once your being stayed,
where once your soul was core.

The tears made my vision hazy,
The smoke made my eyes sore,
I blinked as you winked,
from behind the blazing roar.
I wept as I remembered,
All I needed to say,
I buckled as I saw,
Mors take his final toll.

Your body did burn,
but the skin mine charred,
The morning you weren’t there.

The path of this life,
had found a synonym in suffering,
Even the Almighty (with all his might),
found his power stuttering.
I have endured far more my share,
I have faced enough of this fright.

My dread I pour on this quire,
I hope one day, to be free of this plight.


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