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8 Things People With Anxiety Secretly Do

1. Look at our hands to check if they’re trembling


It’s irritating when your hands don’t listen to you right? Extra irritating when they do it in front of people you wanna impress.

2. Make sure we didn’t forget our pants

i forgot pants

Because that happens.

3. Try to smile only to show our dirty teeth awkwardly

nervous smiling guy meme image gallery - hcpr on Fake Smile Meme

Apparently smiling in public is necessary and under peer pressure, we depressed and solemn people also have to smile. But that doesn’t mean we don’t look like total idiots.

4. Blink several times to make sure we look human

nicki minaj

“Yup I’m perfectly alright. Nothing is wrong with my eyes.”

5. Drink coffee to increase our confidence, only to end up increasing the Anxiety.

coffee anxiety 2


“Is it ready? Has it kicked in yet? It’s kicked in right? What’s that? Who are you?”

6. Sulk about everything going on in Life

life sucks rani

My life is a hot piping mess.

7. Read Anxiety-related articles & forward them to our partners, knowing fully well they won’t read

different mila kunis

No point in wasting your energy.

8. Check and recheck we haven’t forgotten something or someone behind


There are kleptomaniacs who have a habit of stealing things. And then there are people like us who are so clumsy that they forget everything where they sit for five seconds.


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