Complex Personality

Do I Have a Complex Personality?

“Complex is as Complex Does”

It’s as simple as that. You can’t just wish to be complex. You have to put in the effort, put in the hours, and then some. Being a complex personality is a life choice, and you can’t hope to be complex just by pondering over one decision. You need to question every fact, every assumption, even if it inevitably leads you to challenge your base instincts. In case you’re genuinely interested in knowing whether you have a complex personality or not, you can go through the given personality and behavioral traits. These six traits, of course, are only the main ones and not at all exhaustive.


grayscale photo of man thinking in front of analog wall clock

Overthinking is the first and foremost characteristic of a complex personality. Infact overthinking and overanalyzing constitute the bedrock that lies in the bottom of a complex person’s psyche. While simple personality types are satisfied with scratching the surface of a topic, complex personalities are compulsive enough to get to the depth questioning the very fabric of reality sometimes. This makes them seek out deep conversations and avoid superficial small talks. Complex personalities are always on the lookout for answers to the elemental questions of life. Of course, this quality of theirs can have both positive and negative consequences for them. While overthinking makes sure they are well acquainted with every fact and myth related to the topic of their choice, it also leads to wasted brain power, mental fatigue, and sometimes psychological ailments like Depression, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder.

Rarely Satisfied


Complex personalities are always looking for their next challenge, for they are rarely satisfied. They find the next activity that might give them the answer to all their life queries, and when it doesn’t, they continue their search for yet another one that can satisfy their curious and restless soul. After every Dopamine rush, they look for the next fix, which invariably makes them experts in more than one field and accomplished polymaths. Indulging in only essential activities, not resting for prolonged times, and always trying to do productive work makes complex personalities not only good at multitasking but also excruciatingly overworked. For them, rest is not only seemingly non-essential but also a wastage of time; time that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Control Freaks

control freak

Complex personality types want everything around them according to their preference and comfort. Naturally, this makes complex personalities hedonistic buyers and passionate but sensitive lovers. After a life long analysis of their internal comfort, complex personalities come up with a set of rules and regulations that they expect everyone around them to follow. This quite often is done to avoid distractions and unexpected circumstances that may take their attention away from their preferred task. If any change is made to the environment that is unfavorable or distracting to them, complex personality people become not only frustrated but also unforgiving. This control-freak nature is naturally amplified by an introvert personality trait because being mostly alone allows the complex personalities to control their environment.

Borderline Materialistic


This is difficult to explain, or shall I say complex. Okay, jokes aside, complex personalities are borderline materialistic, for unlike normally materialistic people, they have a special or rather well-thought reason behind being so. It is a basic psychological concept that every person, if cornered or forced by extreme circumstances, works to preserve his or her life, making every person selfish to some extent. Complex personalities can, more often than not, decipher these selfish motives of people around them easily. The essence of the human condition is well known consciously or subconsciously to complex people, and hence instead of investing their love, compassion, and trust in living beings, they invest it in non-living things which have a dual advantage. They will always belong to them. and will never betray them.

Empathetic, Not Compassionate


I have deliberately tried to draw a contrast between the two. Compassion means that a person understands somebody is in a bad place at the time and hence actively seeks to relieve him/her of his sorrow. Empathy, however, is entirely different. Empathy pertains to having an understanding of a person’s motives behind their actions. Now, these actions can be positive or negative. Simple personalities commonly find it difficult to understand other people’s reasons for doing something, especially if those actions are negative. You would have quite often heard people saying, “How could he do such a bad thing?” Complex personalities are apt at understanding why people commit even the most heinous acts. For example, it comes very easy for a complicated person to understand the motivations of Adolf Hitler behind exterminating millions of Jews. However, that does not mean they agree with his thought process; it only means they know his thought process. You don’t have to agree to something to understand it, after all.

Emotionally Vulnerable but Unavailable

emotionally unavilable

Complex personalities are emotionally very vulnerable because they have managed to keep the child inside them alive that can be quite easily fooled by a sweet word or gesture. However, through the years, they learn to protect that child which leads to the erection of unassailable barriers built of sarcasm, misplaced humor, and death stares. That’s why complex people are emotionally unavailable to the point that they seem rude or uninterested in social interactions, which can’t be further from the truth. They are interested in social interactions, just not small talks and superficial conversations. They want to have in-depth discussions about the universe, fragility of life, the search of the unknown, topics that seem futile and boring to their simpler counterparts. With time they learn to keep their complicated thoughts to themselves and only let them out when they, on rare occasions, meet someone like them.


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