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Has Making Fun of Hinduism Become a Fashion?

With over one and a half billion followers, Hinduism is one of the top three religions of the world. The core ideas of Hinduism have throughout history taught its followers to be tolerant and inclusive when it comes to other religions. Five thousand years of Sanatan Dharma Tradition also known as Hinduism has taught its followers to respect and entertain even their opposition. Mahabharata and Ramayana -two of the oldest and most widely read world epics- have several of humans as well as gods respecting the positive aspects of the ones standing in front of them on the battlefield.

Of course, just like any other belief system, Hinduism is not without its shortcomings. But without doubt it is one of the handful of religions that celebrate their diversity and encourages it followers to rectify any past mistakes as time changes.

In spite of all these positive qualities it seems it has become a fashion nowadays to make fun of Hinduism. People like Armin Navabi, Azeem Banatwalla, Neeti Palta, and many others have taken to social media sites to make fun of Hindu gods and goddesses like Shree Krishana, Durga Mata, and Shree Ganesha. The latest in line is Devi Kali.

Let me tell you something about Devi Kali. Mata Parvati is the supreme goddess who personifies the energy that powers the entire universe. She is also the wife of Lord Shiva, who is considered to be the greatest god of Hinduism’s Shaivism sect. Devi Kali or Goddess Kali is a form of Mata Parvati. Manifesting a small part of Lady Parvati’s limitless power and divine personality, Goddess Kali represents her rage and maternal love. According to Devi Mahatmyam, Mata Kali came into being when the world and all it inhabitants were being destroyed by a demon called Rakhtbeej. She was born to save her children from a demon.

To clarify any doubts, Kali Mata personifies not all rage but the relentless and unapologetic rage of a mother that comes out when her children are threatened. With eyes covered in kohl and blood of her enemies dripping from her mouth, Devi Kali had come to avenge the deaths of all the humans who had worshipped her as their mother. Lady Kali and her stories demonstrate how a mother behaves when her child is harmed by someone.

Why then some people disrespect such great ideologies? Let us talk about these so-called progressive thinkers one by one.

Firstly come people from other belief systems, including some misinformed atheists bent on proving their point of view right by shaming other religions. These people utilize the popularity of Hinduism to further their political and social agenda. Let’s take an example. Armin Navabi -or more like Armin Wannabe- is a man who routinely disrespects other religions to prove that atheism is better than believing in god. A so-called activist living in Canada, Vermin Navabi in a quest to become famous and wealthy, recently shared the following image of Devi Kali.

See this image and let it sink a while.

Now imagine if one day you woke up and saw your mother’s image photo-shopped in a scantily clad dress and being called sexy by a man you barely know. How will you feel?

And make no mistake. Devi Kali is like a mother for the people of the Indian subcontinent. For millennia she has stood resolute, acting as a respite for people who have lost everything in their life. Mata Kali has soothed the pain of many a people for 5000 years and you can still see temples devoted to her, full of people who have seen so much in their life that if it wasn’t for devout belief in Kali’s love they wouldn’t even be sane.

Devi Kali is a mother for people who don’t have one of their own.

Secondly, there are many Hindus who in order to portray themselves as modern and progressive, routinely and unapologetic ally disrespect Hindu gods and goddesses. These are the same people who believe anything that a video on YouTube or post on WhatsApp has to say. These gullible beings make fun of the Vedas for being religious books when they don’t even have the slightest clue what Hindu scriptures are all about. They call Shree Krishana a playboy without ever knowing why he accepted 16000 husband-less and universally rejected women as his own responsibilities.

These misguided people who are lost in their vanity don’t even try to understand what Hinduism’s core principles stand for because they have been brainwashed by the western ideologies or atleast the seemingly dapper versions. To these people, I want to say: Learn about an ideology or thought process before calling it false or disrespecting its core tenets. Read some books for a change; they might help you.

Finally, there are those come those people from other religions who don’t want any publicity or fame but anyway treat Hinduism with contempt because they have nothing better to do. These dark faces make controversial statements and tasteless comments to bully people from other religions while hiding behind their internet avatar. If you meet these people in real life they won’t be able to form a single intelligent statement but in the comfort of their home they claim to be the greatest intellectuals this world has ever seen. I call these people leeches. They suck other people of their hard-earned money and their sanity until either they lose their mind or the their victim does.

I’m not one to believe in superstitions and so let me present a logical argument. I am now talking directly to Mr. Armin Navabi. If you want to prove atheism is a better alternative to religion, try to show people what benefits you are providing to them and how you can solve one or more of their life problems. If you are trying to sell a product, you should talk about the utility of your own instead of pointing out the deficiencies in your competitor.

It is my experience that people who instead of talking about the positive traits of their ideology, try to bring down the other side by name-calling and underhanded techniques, don’t have anything positive to begin with. By disrespecting and abusing someone else’s mother you are just proving that you have no credibility either as an activist or as a human being. You are just another one of those people who make noise and controversies to be noticed.

Yes, you will become famous but at what cost? Even if you convert one or two Hindus into atheists, what will you tell them afterwards? Will you tell them that atheism means to ridicule and abuse anyone who believes in God. If you seriously believe atheism means calling somebody’s mother sexy, you need a doctor or a teacher or both.

By the way, Vermin Wannabe is the same person who constantly slams Islam for making her mother wear a burqa after the 1979 Iranian revolution. I don’t understand how a man can criticize someone of extreme religious views if he is doing the same. There is no difference between him and a member of ISIS who kills and maims peoples for not following their religion and their ideologies. Mr Vermin, you are doing to people’s minds what they are doing to people’s bodies. It doesn’t matter whether you go to Hell or Jahannum or Narak or nothing at all. In this life, you are no better than the scum that people try to remove from their sewage tanks but can’t because it’s so stubborn. You, my dumb friend, are everything that is wrong with humanity today.

In today’s India, yes, making fun of Hinduism has become a fashion. I am ashamed to call these people a member of our country but they are. I won’t call them anti-national or anything else. I shall call them what they are. They are sick individuals who can’t do anything in their life, have no creativity or talent, and as such their existence makes no difference to this planet.

Armin, I won’t drop down to your level and abuse your mother because I’m not like you. I’ll only say one thing. The world is round and what goes around comes around.

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