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7 Easy Tricks to Keep Anxiety Away


I can’t overstate the fact that meditation is a perfect respite for your body, mind, and soul. If done correctly meditation allows you to put a stop to all the negative thoughts in your mind inherently putting a stop to the incessant anxiety. After all, it is the cyclic overthinking that keeps us plunged into the ocean of anxiety. Obsessing about only the negatives in your life and being stuck in debilitating anxiety goes hand in hand. So, whether you have depression, anxiety, or any mental health ailment, be sure to spend some time of your day meditating. However, be aware. Just sitting on your haunches with your eyes closed and breathing slowly does not a meditation session make. When you are meditating you are meant to focus on a single regenerative thought and practice shutting off the anxious thoughts so that you are receptive to the positive energy of this universe.

Make a Check List

More than other people, those suffering from some kind of mental health ailment especially anxiety need to plan their day. It is the fear of the unknown and undependable scenarios that make the anxiety unbearable at times. So, it is advisable for people with anxiety to plan small and achievable tasks for the day and if possible make a to-do list for the same. As you keep going through the tasks, the finishing of a task allows you to rejoice and celebrate. Whenever you finish a task and tick it out in the checklist you get a massive dopamine rush which ebbs away your anxiety. When you know how much work and positive reinforcement you have to look forward to in the day, it dampens your anxiousness and gives a fresh outlook towards life.

Keep Yourself Busy

Having too little to do can be quite challenging especially for people suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder. Keeping your mind focused on a task not only keeps you engrossed but also gives you positive reinforcement when the task is completed. To keep your mind distracted from the needless worrying and anxiety stemming from the thought spiral, you should keep doing one thing or the other. For example, you can keep a book or magazine handy so that if you are waiting for something, you can pass your time constructively instead of eating away your brain. Hobbies, of course, help your case. Having a healthy amount of hobbies like singing, running, yoga, reading, or writing means that you are never idle. As a result, you not only ignore your anxiety but also become more efficient and productive in your personal life.

But Not Too Busy

All work and no play makes Jack an anxious boy. While keeping busy is essential it is equally essential to give your body and mind some much-needed rest. As I said after you complete a task, you get a dopamine rush. But to let that rush work, you also need to give yourself some time to process the successful completion. If you keep jumping from one work to another all day you get no time to bask in the glories of your achievements. However small the achievement may be-a shower, replying to mail, or eating food-be sure to pat yourself on the back. After all, life is not all work. Infact when we give ourselves short breaks in between intense sessions of work, we deepen our focus and make the break a little more enjoyable. So next time you are doing some office work, give yourself a five-minute break in between to let the stress evaporate away. Work hard and party harder.

Stay Away from Toxic People

No exceptions. Toxic people are those who are interested in sucking out your energy and not investing anything in the relationship. Having a toxic person in your life is like having a leech that sucks out all your happiness and leaves you in a corner of despair. To rid yourself of unnecessary anxiety and stress stemming from failed and toxic relationships, identify the toxic personalities in your life, and make it a rule to decrease interaction with them. The anxiety is already enough for you. You don’t need someone aggravating your worries.

Have No Expectations

If you want to live a peaceful life, make sure you don’t keep any expectations from anyone. I understand that in this world made up of many diverse relationships, it is natural for one to have expectations. You expect your parents to always have your back, your spouse to always love you, and your friends to always support you. Sadly that’s not how it works. There are no good or evil people here; only grey ones. The same people who might appear the epitome of good today may become the very definition of evil tomorrow.

Human beings just like a pendulum keep oscillating between good and bad tendencies. There is no telling when they might go over to the other side. So it is better not to expect anything from anybody, especially in emotional terms. At any time, we should not be dependent on anybody else for our happiness. It just gives the person we trust, a reason to fail, and us an excuse to be anxious.

Be Satisfied in Who You Are

Speaking of no expectations, the ultimate way of leading a happy and blissful life is to have satisfaction in your current circumstances. According to Bhagavad Geeta, a wise person is someone who remains the same in situations of happiness, scarcity, sorrow, and success. Our changing attitudes and differing reactions portray nothing but how much insecure we have and how much we are invested in this material world. If we are too much engrossed in the world around us, we become anxious when something doesn’t go according to our will or plan. Even in times of short-lived respites from our constant boredom, we remain fearful that this happiness is mortal and will pass away shortly.

Instead of looking forward to big moments of success, enjoy those small moments of joy and live life to the fullest. It is not to say that one should not work hard. It just means that even if you fail give yourself some credit and learn to adapt to every new challenge life throws at you. Believe me there is nothing better than being satisfied and comfortable in who and what you are.

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