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Siddhu Moosewala Was More Than A Singer: He Was A Legend

Our country is full of nepotism infested superstars. They are only known to the public because their father or mother or some relative was a celebrity in the past. If it were not for those nepotistic connections, they would not last a day in the entertainment industry with their minuscule talent.

Sidhu Moosewala was a diamond in this coal mine of Indian music industry. I might be laughed at for comparing him to legends like Drake or Eminem but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Shubhdeep Singh Siddhu aka Siddhu Moosewala was a middle-class man who rose to the heights of fame through his talent and talent alone. His songs had a silhouette of true Punjab, his lyrics had the reality of a middle-class life, and his vintage looks were reminiscent of the Desi Punjab that has got lost somewhere in today’s drug infested one.

Whether it be his most famous song So High or other lesser-known ones like 295 and Legend, you can’t deny that in these times when Bollywood is struggling to come up with new songs and have resorted to retconning old Punjabi songs, Moosewala was a breath of fresh air. If he were not so brutally murdered by unknown assailants, he would have gone to make Punjab as well as India prouder every new day.

Each new day he would have laid down truer words and his ink would have boiled the blood of today’s youth. However, Moosewala ended up living lives like other legendary artists and youth legends like John Lennon, John Keats, and Che Guevara who peaked at a young age, brought a path-breaking revolution in their own field and then left the world longing for more.

Make no mistake; the world will be left wanting in his absence especially the Punjabi music industry. And we will be left longing every time we hear his songs. Siddhu Moosewala was a legend and he will remain so wherever he goes. And we will be left lesser than we were with him.

So long brother. Rest in peace.

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